Ask any question of any ATP or WTA match since 1960!

Example: In the below box, just type:

  • Who won the 2012 Wimbledon?
  • Did Federer beat Nadal at AUS Open 2017?
  • What is the h2h between Serena and Kerber?
  • Who have more than 75 titles?
  • Did Kvitova win the French Open ever?
  • How many titles did Nadal win on clay?
  • delpo's best result at wimbledon?

Go ahead, try it !

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User Testimonials

Great Skill !

The Alexa Skill gives me the perfect bite sized updates everyday - including the small tournaments

Fun to find out the ANY match score/winner

On the Google Home device or Google Assistant app, I ask Google to "Talk to Tennis Stud" and then ask for any match ever. It is pretty cool !!

Keep up the hard work guys

These guys are the best !! I know they don't pull the data from the feeds as the updates are really informative.


The quiz game is addictive. The feedback during the game is really funny !!


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